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Renewing that gym membership? Trying Veganuary? Whatever your new year’s resolution, having a bit of clear out in the home or in the office will help you to get the right mindset to achieve any of your new year goals.

Each winter season brings more ‘stuff’ that we need to find a home for, so now it’s the perfect time to sort through and make way for the new.

Clearing your mind for the new year

Sometimes physical clutter in your home can have a direct impact on your mental wellbeing. Let’s start the new season with a home well organised and your mind clear so you can make all your resolutions possible for 2018!

Optimising the space in your home

Perhaps your spare room is no longer that, or your children’s toys are gathering damp in the garage… one of the first things to do is make an honest list of the things you really need in order to achieve your 2018 resolutions. And everything else outside the list, you can put away with a hassle-free containerised storage.

Selling your home quickly

If you are selling your home, clearing rooms full of clutter can make your property look bigger, and give a light and airy feel to it, allowing potential buyers to make a better decision on buying your property.

So how can you start decluttering your home?

Having a clear idea of what your new year resolutions are, you can create a list per room with the things you will not use for the next few months. Then, by using a containerised storage service you will have your house clear of all the things you want to keep but that is just getting in the way.

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Enjoy hassle-free home decluttering and temporarily store your belongings! Make the best of the winter season with helpful and secure containerised storage.

Contact us today to see how we can help you declutter your home, store your belongings and bring in the year 2018! Call us on 0800 279 9043 or 020 8368 7779. We are here to help!


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