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Moving home soon? Here’s a checklist you can print with tips on how to sell your home faster in 2019.

1. Get a storage unit

Storing your belongings away is perfect to make your home look more spacious and inviting. Containerised storage solutions are the hassle-free storage services we offer to take the stress out of moving home and when preparing your home for the selling season.

2. Find the right estate agent

Choose an estate agent with local expertise to benefit from their connections with prospective buyers. Alternatively, consider estate agents recommended by friends or relatives.

3. Showcase your property with professional photography

Check out the quality of the pictures the Estate Agent provides for other listings and if these are not of great quality consider hiring a professional photographer. This will ensure your house is presented most attractively, highlighting its best features and getting potential buyers excited about the property even before seeing it.

4. Be patient

Uncertainty surrounding Brexit and rising interest rates have slowed down the UK housing market. Be patient and remember that your home will sell faster if it’s reasonably priced and well presented.

5. Prepare for viewings

You want potential buyers to picture themselves living in the property. That will be hard if the house is full of someone else’s belongings and family photos, so always do a deep clean and remove personal items.

6. Upgrades and details

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades are the best in terms of ROI. Even if you don’t do a full renovation, make sure to finalise details like tightening loose handles, removing scuff marks, and…

7. Brighten up your home

Good lighting (both natural and artificial) can work wonders. Before a viewing, turn the lights on and open curtains. Make sure windows and lighting fixtures are spotless too. Add some house plants or give the house a fresh coat of paint to brighten it up even further.

8. Timing matters

Listing your home during spring or summer may help sell it faster, as many homeowners find it easier to move in during the school or work holidays.

9. Check for odours

Even the slightest unpleasant odour may put buyers off your property. The thing with scents is that sometimes you might not notice them, so it’s best to ask someone else to do a quick “odour test”.

10. Detail clean

A spotless house can sell faster, so detail clean every room and pay particular attention to the bathroom, polishing tiles, counters, floors, and shower enclosures.

11. Declutter

A clutter-free home highlights the property’s best assets so buyers can focus all their attention on it without distractions. If you want to learn more about home decluttering read our decluttering tips page. Alternatively, we can also assist you with decluttering services in case you don’t want the hassle of organising things yourself.

12. Get help from the pros

At Rogers Removals we are experts in house removals across London. Our packing, storage, and decluttering services are here to help make the process smoother before, during, and after the move. Contact us or call 0800 279 9043 or 020 8368 7779 to find out why we’re the number one choice in London.

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