The past few months have been challenging for everyone. If you were planning on moving homes you may have had to postpone the move, as all non-essential home moves were on hold. But good news are on the way, since the UK Housing Secretary recently announced that the housing market is re-opening in the UK.

London Home Removals Post-lockdown

London estate agents, removals companies, and other professionals in this industry can now operate again, as long as they follow some safety guidelines. This means that home moves can now go ahead, unless you or someone in your household are self-isolating.

There are guidelines in place to protect the health and safety of everyone involved in home moves.

The government has published its official advice for removals and estate agent professionals.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you’re moving homes soon:

  • Social distancing measures are still in place. While moving, stay 6 feet apart from anyone who isn’t part of your household.
  • Use protective equipment (face mask and gloves).
  • Keep to a minimum the number of people going in and out of the house.
  • If you’re moving and at the same time have sold your old home, clean the property thoroughly before the new owners move in.
  • Packing services are available, but homeowners are encouraged to do as much of their own packing as possible. You can find advice in the packing tips section of our website.
  • Keep internal doors open while movers are in your property to ensure good ventilation.
  • Make sure hand-washing facilities are available to the removals team and dispose of any wipes or paper towels safely.
  • When packing, clean the contents of each box before they start being handled by the removals team. Here’s some de-contamination advice.

Packing And Storage

If you pack your own belongings, you may want to put away boxes into storage until moving day. This will help keep your home decluttered and free of tripping hazards.

Storage is safer because it will help you avoid handling objects unless strictly necessary. You can view our range of storage services here, or you can call us for more info.

If you need assistance packing and storing your belongings, we are here to help. Here is some useful information about our packing services.

Important Information About Moving During COVID-19

At Rogers Removals we’re doing our part to follow public health regulations in every home move. We have an updated FAQ section that will answer any questions you may have about the process of moving homes in post-lockdown. If you were in our email list you should have received them on 14th May, so check your inbox. Otherwise read our updated FAQs below.

Updated 14th of May 2020


Q. What precautions are you taking during the Coronavirus pandemic?

A. Our office team are working from home.

Our surveyors are carrying out video surveys to quote and not visiting in person. Our removal crews are kept up to date with government guidelines and are adhering to best practice by:
• Keeping a distance of 2 meters from the next person whenever possible.
• Washing hands regularly for at least 20 seconds.
• Wearing gloves – they are less likely to touch their faces if they wear gloves.
• Disinfecting their cabs and common areas – each vehicle carries disinfectant spray.
• Catching coughs and sneezes in a tissue and dispose immediately.
• Not coming to work or immediately leaving work if they show any symptoms.
• Immediately reporting to management if any client or colleague shows symptoms.
• Implementing a buddy system to have the same people working together wherever 2 man
lifts are required.
• Refusing refreshments offered by clients (although the offer is appreciated).
• Using face masks and hand sanitisers, as necessary.

Q. What do we need our clients to do?

A. Please help us by doing the following:
• Inform us immediately if you or anybody in your home or office develop symptoms of Coronavirus (Covid-19). Ensure that nobody with any symptoms, however mild, comes in to contact with our staff.
• Please keep a distance of at least 2 meters from our staff.
• Have as few people present during the move as possible. We can often complete a move
without the client being present, ask us about this option.
• Ventilate your home very well on the day of the move. Heating should be off and windows
and doors should be open (weather permitting).
• Kindly, do not offer our staff refreshments.
• Surfaces and possessions should be cleaned with household cleaning products prior to the
arrival of our staff and again after we have delivered.

We’re here for you, now more than ever

If you’d like to book a video survey click here, or if you’re concerned about how the current situation will affect your move, call us on 0208 368 7779.

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