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There’s a long list of things that need to be done before, during, and after moving day. If there’s a piano in your household, things can get a little more complicated. Read the blog post below if you are looking for piano movers in London.

Can I just move my piano by myself?

We all work hard for our money, so it’s natural to want to find cost-effective solutions. Generally speaking, it’s not recommended to move a piano without the help of professionals. This is to avoid injuries or damage to the piano.

If you have no other option, here are a few tips to safely move your piano.

Top tips from the experts piano movers in London

  1. Never push or drag a piano across the floor. This can snap the legs.
  2. You’ll need at least 3 people who’ve been briefed on the instructions.
  3. In homes with carpeted or wooden floors, use plywood under the piano to avoid damaging the floor.
  4. Keyboard covers and lid hinge pins should be removed and carefully wrapped.
  5. If the lid isn’t removable, secure it with straps or lock it.
  6. Legs should be removed one at the time, starting with leg #1 and without dropping the piano.
  7. Place the piano on thick tissue and then wrap in moving blankets.
  8. Secure the blankets with moving straps.
  9. Getting a piano dolly or a trolley will make things easier.
  10. Make sure the floor of the van used to move the piano is level.

Don’t take risks with heavy items or pianos

There are some situations where you’ll need to take extra care… so, just leave it to the experts!

For example, you may live in a high floor, own a grand piano, or have a piano that doesn’t fit through the door. If that’s the case, don’t take any risks and hire a team of professional piano movers.

At Rogers Removals we are the experts piano movers in London and we are only a phone call away. We can safely move your piano wherever you go!

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