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Looking to pack an entire house for a quick move? We know that moving a house in a hurry can be a stressful and time-consuming process.

Follow our top 3 tips to pack a house in a few days easily.

1- Remember to breathe

Breathe first, then plan. Take a few seconds to clear your mind and relax.

2- Make your own items checklist

Having a list of items per room will help you decide the number of things you need to pack or donate.

Start by checking every room of your house with a pen and paper on hand to make notes of which items you are keeping. This is how you calculate the number of boxes and wrapping material you need.

Here are some examples of items per room:

Kitchen items:

Glasses, crystal, wine glasses, bowls, small appliances like mixers or blenders, cookbooks, oven mitts, food storage containers, cutlery, pans, cups.

Living room items:

Curtains, cushions, books, room decorations, frames, pictures, fine art, small clocks.

Bedroom #1 items:

Curtains, cushions, pillows, books, room decorations, frames, small clocks, personal items, bedding, closet or storage things and clothes.

Bedroom #2 items:

Curtains, cushions, pillows, books, room decorations, frames, small clocks, personal items, bedding, closet or storage things and clothes.

Bathroom items:

Curtains, room decorations, frames, personal items, skincare, hair care and personal care products, cupboard or storage items, towels, small mirror.

3- Supply yourself with enough packing materials

On a quick move, you will not have time for multiple trips to the store to pick up boxes & packing materials. It is essential that you get all your packing materials on the first go.

Supply yourself with enough cardboard boxes, tapes, wrapping paper, scissors and markers. If you don’t have time for this, we can always make it even easier for you by delivering all packing materials straight to your door.

Now you are ready to pack all of your house items.

When packing your belongings

Don’t make any heavy boxes that you cannot lift! Instead, try to spread the contents in more boxes.

Heavy furniture

Avoid physical injuries and save time on a quick move by hiring professional movers that can handle heavy furniture like dining sets, sofas, armchairs, beds, tables, pianos, clocks.

Ask for help

If you think packing your belongings is not your thing and you are in a hurry, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Call Rogers Removals.

We are here to help you with all your removals needs. Request last-minute house removal.

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