Environmental policy

It is our policy to minimise our impact on the environment wherever practicably possible by ensuring that environmental issues and awareness remain at the forefront of every decision we make.

Key points of our policy:

  • Rogers Removals (Finchley) promotes recycling or re-use of packing materials. We offer a free collection service of used boxes and where possible we reuse the boxes. If the boxes cannot be reused we recycle them.
  • When planning routes we aim to maximise efficiency and therefore minimise the impact on the environment. Wherever possible we plan back loads and take into account likely congestion and different times of the day when deciding on a route.
  • Where we are required to dispose of goods we choose to only use waste transfer stations that recycle.
  • We ensure that all company vehicles are well maintained by way of daily inspections and ten weekly full mechanical inspections to make sure they are operating efficiently. These checks also allow us to take preventative maintenance, which helps minimise our environmental impact.
  • When purchasing new vehicles, the vehicles impact on the environment is of key importance to us.
  • By ordering large quantities of required materials and storing them at our depots we are able to reduce the amount of deliveries we receive and therefore help our suppliers reduce their impact on the environment. We only choose suppliers that maintain good environmental practices.
  • Our vehicles all meet emissions standards of Euro 3 or above. To achieve this we have had particulate traps fitted to our vehicles, which would not have met Euro 3 standard without them. This has helped us reduce our vehicles impact on the environment.

Quality policy

The Quality Policy of the Company has been prepared and endorsed by the executive management to ensure that our customers receive a Furniture Removal Service for private individuals which meets the requirements of BS EN 12522:1998

They receive quality, reliability and integrity in the services provided by the company and that customer needs expectations and requirements are met and maintained.

It is the company’s objective to achieve and maintain a quality assurance programme through the adoption of the above standard together with good managerial skills and techniques, excellent customer service, proper systems of control, training of staff and provision of appropriate equipment and compliance at all times with the relevant legislation.

The Company operates in compliance with UK Health & Safety Legislation and has a Health & Safety Policy which is available to all employees. It is fully aware of it’s environmental obligations and attempts to comply with all environmental guidelines issued by the UK government and by local authorities.

The policy is aimed at developing in each employee a sense of personal responsibility for quality improvement and, through adherence to this policy by all personnel in the company aims to demonstrate its commitment to quality.

The system is mandatory for all employees.