Health Safety Tips When Moving Homes

When you’re moving homes, you want a fast and stress-free move that keeps your belongings safe. But there’s another priority you should add to your list: making sure your health and safety are protected through the whole process.

It’s easy to underestimate the risks involved in a house move, so here’s a list of useful tips we’ve gathered after decades of experience helping Londoners move homes.

  1. Pack within weight limits. We recommend to keep the maximum weight of each box to 20 kilos. This can help avoid back or neck injuries and reduces the risk of breaking fragile items if you accidentally drop a box.
  2. Learn safe lifting techniques. Even if your moving boxes aren’t too heavy, lifting dozens of boxes in a few hours can easily cause injuries. Key points to remember are: Keep your back straight ** Squat, don’t bend over ** Lift items with both hands ** Walk slowly ** Always look straight ahead.
  3. Make a list of possible hazards. This is what professional removals companies do during the initial survey. You should be aware of stairs, uneven floor surfaces, and doors with self-closing hinges.
  4. Wear sturdy and non-slip footwear.
  5. Know your limits. It may be easier to use a cart or a dolly to move things around.
  6. Leave the stressful part to the pros. Some people may be stressed by the idea of packing and labelling, while others are ok with that but worry about loading and unloading boxes. Find out what’s the most stressful part of a move for you, and let our team handle that.

You’ll find more moving and packing tips at our Rogers Removals Blog. Trust the Rogers Removals team for your next home move. We guarantee that health and safe are the always the rule in all our procedures, and never the exception.

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