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Relocating your business requires a service you can rely upon not to let you down, because in most cases timing is everything. You need your move to take up as little time as possible so you can get on with organising your company effectively. Click here to see us at work.

When you choose Rogers Removals you can be sure that we will act as speedily as possible and maintain the quality of our service to ensure your company relocation passes with ease. We can organise crate hire for you (an ideal way of transporting files) or we can provide you with a free loan of boxes. We also offer a full or part packing service. As an insured remover we are able to accept liability for loss or damage upto a value of £50,000.00 (This amount can be increased).

We believe that you can not find a better or more dedicated removal company than Rogers Removals. Why not put us to the test?

Questions We’re Often Asked

Our office is based in North London but we’re moving further afield – can you help?

While it’s true that North London is the base of our operation, we regularly help to facilitate moves on a national and even international scale

Whether you’re moving your office to Paddington or Paris, we have both the expertise and the infrastructure to make that move possible.

If you’re not sure whether your move is beyond our means, reach out at any time to talk over your specific requirements and get an estimate.

What if I need increased insurance cover?

Moving your office is a big deal, and in the case that things get damaged, the effects on your business could be significant. While it is unlikely that anything will go wrong, of course it’s always best to be prepared for the worst. 

While our standard cover is for £50,000.00, if the goods being moved are worth more than that (which could easily be the case, with expensive IT equipment for example), be sure to let us know so that we can find you a more appropriate insurance. It may raise your quote slightly, so be sure to tell us early in the process so that we can be as accurate as possible from the get go.

What if there’s a complication or delay in our removal dates?

At Rogers Removals, we know that things don’t always go to plan – exchanges don’t always happen as swiftly as expected, solicitors can pull things up last minute, the list goes on. If this happens, the situation is by no means unsalvageable. 

As well as the ‘moving’ side of removals, we specialise in storage, with our own highly secure storage facility in North London. 

In the case that delays to the moving process occur, should you need, we can store your office contents for as long as required, until the delay has been resolved and you’re ready to complete the moving process. 

This means there’s no need to involve other storage providers, cutting both costs and time spent searching.

How much of the removal process will you take care of?

How extensive a service you receive from us is entirely up to you. We offer both full and part packing services, should you not have the man-power or time to pack up the whole office, or we can provide crate hire or free loan boxes if you feel more comfortable packing it up yourself. 

The physical moving of the objects in our bespoke fleet of lorries is of course central to our service, and will be carried out with efficiency and care. When moving offices, time is often of the essence, and ensuring that the new location is operationally ready in as little time as possible is paramount. 

With over 50 years of experience under our belt, we can confidently and safely get you moved in as little time as possible, while keeping stress to an absolute minimum.

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