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Our experience has taught us that containerised storage is the best post-lockdown storage solution in London – not only because it is cheaper than self-storage, but for some other essential factors.

We’ve created this article to explain why our containerised storage solution works better for you than self-storage if you are moving any time this year or if you need extra space at your home:

  1. First of all, containerised storage is the secure and efficient storage solution that can suit the needs of home and business owners alike.
  2. With containerised storage solution, your belongings are packed into containers, sealed, and directly forklifted into the removal vehicle.
  3. Once at the secure storage facility, the containers are unloaded by forklift. Thanks to this handling procedure, the risk of damaging the contents in transit is minimal.
  4. The containers remain sealed unless you need to have them opened, which again minimises the risk of damage during storage.

Why our containerised storage is the safest storage solution during the post-lockdown stage?

Containerised storage is the best option if you need to store your belongings at any time of the year, and it is ultimately the safest storage solution during the post-lockdown stage.

As lockdown measures begin to ease, the UK’s property market is starting to operate again. If you are searching for the dream house, chances are you will be very busy with viewings or organising things at home if you are selling.

Some people may have delayed buying, selling, or moving into a new home for weeks or months, as government guidelines advised against all non-essential home moves. However, the property market is starting to operate in full speed right now, and in most cases, removal companies have a waiting list.

Official guidelines also recommended that homeowners do all their packing to minimise the risk of contagion. If this is your case, you may be struggling to find room for all those moving boxes.

Here is where containerised storage comes in handy:

Our containerised storage solution suits anyone who needs secure, safer and hassle-free temporary storage, those who are in between homes, and companies downsizing as a result of Covid-19 and to everyone who needs reliable storage space while they find new premises.

Is containerised storage better than self-storage?

A crucial fact to consider containerised storage right now is for safety reasons. Our containerised storage solution is safer than self-storage and any other storage options in London because human handling is kept to the bare minimum.

Our containerised storage solution complies with all the Government official recommendations in terms of public health and safety during this time.

With our containerised storage services, you are protected more than with self-storage:

  • You will not have to travel from your home to the storage warehouse.
  • It doesn’t involves handling from your side so you can stay safe at all times.
  • Self-storage is the most expensive storage solution and may involve some space limitations too.
  • Containerised storage can be more affordable, it is absolutely hassle-free and with better storage space options.
  • Our team of expert movers are trained to handle heavy things plus they will follow strict hygienic procedures when handling your items.
  • It also means you get an extra layer of protection for all your belongings if we are collecting your belongings and re-delivery from the warehouse to your location.

We’re here for you, now more than ever

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