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Storage is our specialty. We operate our own brick built and highly secure storage facility at our depot in North London. As well as offering highly competitive containerised storage rates we also offer a self storage option too. With containerised storage the storage units come to you and we load them outside your home. We make an inventory of the goods being stored before sealing your storage units and your goods are not touched again by hand until we return your containers to you. Our self storage clients have the option to use our indoor storage containers or our outdoor shipping containers depending on what size of unit they require. Our storage facility is has a fully monitored RedCare alarm system, modern CCTV with remote access capability and high perimeter walls, fences and gates.

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Our storage services

Questions we’re often asked

What I want to store is valuable – will it be safe in your storage facilities?

We pride ourselves in providing a completely safe storage service for a wide variety of items. Seeing as our service exists to alleviate some of the pressures of moving house, we believe that part of that service lies in the provision of a storage facility safe enough that once your possessions are in our care, you no longer have to worry. 

The location itself is surrounded by high perimeter fences, walls, and gates, and is constantly monitored by both a RedCare alarm system and modern CCTV.

What style of storage is appropriate for me?

We offer several storage options, depending on the quantity and type of items that need to be stored. If you need to store documents, either as a business or in a personal capacity, our document storage service may be perfect for you. As well as being secure, our archive storage facilities are clean, dry, and accessible on request should you need. 

If you require a more general-purpose storage facility, then our container service may be suitable. It’s safe and secure, and more suited to larger items. There, they will be sealed into large containers until you need access again. 

Finally, if you want complete control of the process, you may find our self-storage container options to be most suitable. With our service, the container can be brought to your vehicle, allowing you to transfer items far more easily than with traditional self-storage services. The container can even be brought to your home should you find you don’t have the time to collect it, and the items will remain untouched by anyone other than yourself.

How do I get my items to the storage location?

Unlike self-storage facilities, you don’t have to worry about jamming everything into your car and then wheeling it through narrow corridors, although that is still an option should you choose! As part of our service, our teams can come to you at a suitable time, load your things into the lorry, seal them in appropriate casing, and take them to the storage facility. 

When you’re ready to receive your items again, they can be put back into the lorry and delivered back to wherever you need them. At both pick up and drop off, a full inventory is taken, with all parties receiving records to ensure that nothing is misplaced.

What happens if my items are damaged while in storage?

While it is highly unlikely that anything bad should happen to your possessions in any of our storage facilities, it’s always best to be prepared for the worst. We’re a licensed remover, so as a minimum we are covered up to £50,000.00. However, that amount can be increased, either by us or, should you wish to do so, through an insurer of your own choosing.

One option that some people go for which eliminates some of the hassle is simply transferring their household policy to the warehouse, for the time that the goods are being stored – not all policies will allow this, but it’s worth checking should you want to store some particularly valuable items. 

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