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Containerised Self Storage

Our storage facility is also available for you to store your belongings yourself. Simply bring your goods to our warehouse and fill your own container. Click here to see us at work.

Q. Why should I choose a containerised self store facility compared to a conventional self store facility?
A. For many reasons…

(i) At our containerised storage warehouse we can bring your container to you, placing your container beside your vehicle making loading and unloading easy and quick. Conventional self storage facilities often require you to haul your belongings on trolleys for some distance, often requiring the use of lifts (which are always busy) before placing them in your container – this is hard work and it takes too much time!

(ii) With conventional self storage you must estimate the size of the unit you need acurately or pay the price! Choose a unit too small and you will have to move all your goods again to another unit, which is usually the other side of the storage facility requiring yet more hard work. Choose a unit which is too large and your paying for unwanted space. Containerised storage allows you to use as many smaller containers as you need. Fill one up and request another if you need it. Because the containers hold smaller quantities (250 cu ft or 125 cu ft) you will not find yourself paying for large amounts of unwanted space.

(iii) Should you require quick delivery but are unable to find the time to pick the goods up yourself we can bring your container to your door. Your goods remain untouched by anyone but yourself.

(iv) Containerised storage is not only easier and quicker, it is also cheaper. Saving you time, effort and money too!

Q. I have been told that conventional self storage plants allow me better access to my goods. Can containerised storage compete with this?
A. Of course…
Should you require access to your goods whilst they are in store we will bring your containers forward for you. Just give us call on the day you wish to visit and we’ll do the rest. As you will be using one or more smaller storage units rather than one big room its easier to find the items you want. We provide you with an inventory form so you can pinpoint exactly where the item you are looking for is.

Q. Yes, but conventional self storage units are painted in nice bright colours.
A. Yes, they do look nice…
They have to have one redeeming feature!

We have made these points in a removal and storage magazine. The editor requested a response from any conventional self storage supplier. So far none of them have been able to respond.

We also offer 20ft shipping containers at our N12 depot at unbeatable rates. They are all of the highest quality and highly secure. We have also had them coated in anti-condensation paint and fitted with air vents. They offer easy drive up access and are ideal for business users.


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