summer in london

Summer is by far the most popular time of the year to move homes. Moving during the hot season can be demanding, but you can make the process easier. Follow these tips for a fresh summer move!

1. Start early

Plan the move so that most of the hard work is done by the early afternoon. The move will be less taxing, and you’ll have more time to unpack.

2. Declutter

Take advantage of the car boot sales that are so popular in the summer, and sell your unwanted items. Less clutter means you can have a fresh start in your new home! If you’d rather keep things in storage, research the storage options available to get top value for your money.

3. Take breaks

You want to settle in your new home quickly, but beware of heat stroke. Pace yourself, drink water throughout the day, and set up a room with a fan or air conditioning where you can rest every now and then.

4. Make it weather-proof

Don’t leave electronics in a vehicle overnight or in direct sun exposure during the move. You should also prepare for summer showers. Use waterproof markers when labelling your boxes, and check our packing tips to avoid nasty surprises.

5. Choose the date wisely

Avoid moving during the summer bank holiday or other regional public holidays. Traffic will be worse and you moving day may end up being much longer. It can also be more complicated to find movers during these dates.

6. Know what you’ll need

Set aside a box with your summer essentials. These could include a fresh change of clothes, sunscreen, toiletries, and high-energy snacks. This will save you from rummaging through boxes and wasting precious time.

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