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The big day has finally come – you’re moving house, and the whole world feels like it’s teetering on its edge.

You’ve booked a removals company to help you with the process, but are unsure of what to expect on the actual day. 

In this latest guide, our team aims to alleviate some of your concerns, and help you to understand what you should expect on your moving day from the perspective of our expert team. 

Don’t forget, first and foremost – a removal company is here to help

We’re not just a man with a van, we’re here to make sure that your possessions are moved with care and expertise from your old house or flat to your new home. 

1. The first thing that will happen is your vehicle and lifters will turn up at the time which was agreed upon. 

At Rogers Removals, we pride ourselves on the provision of an excellent service, and our punctuality is a part of that. You should know that we’ll aim to never be late, as we know how important it is that this important day runs smoothly and without delay – things will doubtless happen which cannot be expected, but they won’t be on our end; we’ll help you through these hiccups as best we can. 

2. Unless you have opted for a packing service, before we turn up, all your possessions will be boxed up and ready to load. 

3. Our people will then methodically and carefully start to load up the vehicle with your things – it can be a nerve wracking experience, watching everything you own get loaded into a truck, but rest assured, we’ve been doing this since 1969, offering a spotless service for the past 50+ years. 

Packing can be highly complex, in terms of efficiently stacking items and ensuring that they cannot be damaged during transit, and we’ve been refining this art for a while now, so rest assured – your possessions are in good hands. We know how to safely handle large pieces of furniture and large appliances, and will move them with ease into the removal vehicle. 

4. Once everything is packed up, tied down and ready to go, we’ll be ready to drive it all to your next location. 

Putting things back into the new house can be a bit tricky, as you don’t quite know what will fit and where you want things, but our team can offer you both advice and patience while we decide together the best way to do it all. 

5. The last thing you want is to feel rushed, and while our team can be as speedy as you need them to be, they understand the stress you may be feeling and will remain cool and cheerful as ever under pressure. 

That’s part of what marks our service apart from the competition – our attention to detail and positive attitude, which when combined, helps you feel like you’re on top of the moving process. If you’re keen to hear more about how we can assist you, give our team a call on 020 8368 7779 or fill in our contact form to get an estimate for our services.

We’re here for you, now more than ever

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